Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Lick Of The Month #5

Hey everyone! This month's lick is another walking bass lick and is one I've pulled out of my transcription for the bass line on Charlie Parker's 'Now's The Time' available here!

Below is the video for the full transcription but you can hear this month's lick at 10 seconds and again at 32 seconds.

This lick is over two chords, the Bb7 and the Bdim7. I chose this lick as this is a passage that I find great difficulty managing to play anything over that doesn't sound like it's straight from an arpeggio work sheet!

This lick sounds great as it's full of chromaticism and outlines the Bb7 chord nicely as well as logically leading up to the next chord, which in a Bb blues will be the C7.

Since learning this lick I've managed to get a lot of miles from it not just in playing a blues, you can use the first bar of this lick over the V chord in any ii-V progression or use the whole lick to add tension over a ii-V!

Get the sheet music/tab for this lick in all 12 keys here!

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