Private Tuition

I offer lessons to all ages and beginners are more than welcome!

I offer one on one tuition and lessons take place in the students home. I don't offer group lessons as most people will learn at different speeds so it isn't very practical. I will offer taster lessons to small groups who are just looking to try out the instrument but as the students progress they will need separate lessons.

What You Can Expect From Your Lessons
If I you are a beginner looking for lessons I will teach you everything you need to get well on your way to being a confident musician! Common scales as well as basic techniques are covered by learning well known pop and rock songs. For younger students I also have a wide range of cartoon theme songs to get them going!

If you already have these skills I will use our lesson time to help you progress in any areas you are looking to improve such as improvising, playing a certain style eg blues or jazz or advanced techniques. If you're happy to take in a bit of everything I will provide varied subject matter for your lessons to try and help you learn new techniques and skills. This time will also be spent to identify any other areas that may need work.

As with all lessons I will always try to incorporate any songs that the student wants to learn.

With all lessons I will produce a PDF of the lesson material we have covered. With some lessons I will also provide custom made backing tracks for practising the material over as well as YouTube videos demonstrating techniques covered so that students can continue learning in their own time.


Adult lessons...
£20 per hour
£15 per 45min

Alternatively you can have your lessons online using Google Hangout for £15 per 45min! All you need is a webcam and an Internet connection!

Children's lessons...
£15 per 45 min
£10 per half hour

Lessons are given at a discounted rate if booked in groups of four or more.