Friday, 1 June 2012

Bass Effects

A lot of bassists use effects but not always to good effect! Flea, is not one of these players. I've just uploaded a video of my cover of 'Around The World' where I have tried to get my tones as close to Flea's as I can, check out the photos below to see the settings I used. The Boss ODB3 is my favourite overdrive/distortion pedal , it's not too difficult to control the feedback which has been an issue with a lot of the pedals I've tried, it also works very well used to fatten up any synth sounds you're using. This was used for the intro riff and the SansAmp for the rest of the tune.

More videos on effects coming soon but in the mean time get some more of Flea's tasty effecting, check out the wah solo in Coffee Shop.

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