Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dexter Gordon's minor ii V i lick

Everyone needs a good minor ii V i lick, and here's one I pulled out of Dexter Gordon's solo on Blue Bossa, which can be heard on 'Biting the Apple'

Anyway, here's the lick! 
Things to look out for... 
     1. The odd timing he starts the lick on.
     2. The note choice for each chord: D-7b5 = F- (or a minor third up from D-7b5)
                                                                G7 = G Altered
                                                                C-7 = C Harmonic Minor (which is the usual scale choice for the i chord, but look out for his extra juicy sounding natural 7 on the first beat of bar 4.

Here's a video of my playing the first 2 chorus' of the solo. The lick in question appears at 0:31. For full transcription click here!

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